One of the most important aspects of the House of Prayer is our prayer rooms. Our prayer rooms are multi-denominational, multi-generational, and really all about glorifying Jesus! It is not a personal prayer room, where people come to be prayed for. We believe in corporate expressions of prayer and worship, so we have prayer and worship leaders that facilitate both whenever the prayer rooms are open.
We have two different prayer rooms at the same facility: the Canopy Prayer Room and the Sanctuary Prayer Room. The Sanctuary Prayer Room is where we hold larger corporate prayer meetings and the Canopy Prayer Room is where the 2’s and 3’s gather together and pray. As each prayer leader comes with their individual personality the Canopy Prayer Room will have different feel or expression depending on who’s leading. The Sanctuary Prayer Room though is more of a ‘Harp and Bowl’ style and is fairly consistent in it’s expression. You can check out the hours and come on by and experience it for yourself.