Recently we were looking at the Lord’s Prayer during our daily devotional prayer time and I would like to share a few thoughts about it.

The bible doesn’t specifically say this but I believe Jesus developed this ‘prayer’ language - Matt.6:9-13, at an early age, certainly before age 12. Because he was talking with the teachers in the temple and they were astonished at his understanding and Jesus said to His mom and dad - “ Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house? Luke 2:46-49. This shows He had a relationship with His Heavenly Father. So I think He developed this at a very young age as He had His ‘quiet time’ with the Lord. So when His disciples asked Him - “... Lord, teach us to pray..." Luke 11:1. Jesus knowing that His Father was pleased with His prayer life, wanted His disciples to enter into the same joy, expression and intimacy that Jesus shared with His Father in prayer. He shared His own prayer life.

The Father knows our frame and frailties, He has insight and understanding into our fundamental needs. What is most important, priorities. They- the Father and Son developed this prayer with that in mind. It’s a revelation of what Our Father knows we’ll need in our life, that’s why Jesus said, pray my prayer. Jesus had been praying it everyday for 26 years (my guess). He needed His prayers answered just like we do.

For example during the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, the devil said “...If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread.” Luke 3: 3-4. But “Jesus answered,” it is written: man does not live on bread alone.’” Why, because He had been praying to His Father for years -“ Give us today our daily bread”. He had always been taken care of. When the devil told Him to jump off the highest point of the temple with the words -if you are the Son of God. Well He had been praying “our Father”. He knew had a Father and that He had sonship established in His heart cause He had entered into meeting with His Father during prayer times. He didn’t need to prove it, He had the inner witness. Then the devil showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and that he would give them to Jesus if Jesus would worship him. But because Jesus had been praying, Your kingdom come (the Father’s) for years, He had understanding that the Father’s kingdom far surpassed the kingdoms of this world. And He had also been saying from His heart “Hallowed be Your name “ to His Father for years, whom He wanted to worship was firmly rooted in God. He had been praying, lead me not into temptation, He was able to overcome. When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, He asked to have this cup removed from Him. But since He had been praying for years -‘Your kingdom come, you will be done on earth as it is in heaven,’ He could say to His Father - '...yet not my will but Yours be done.’ Although Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer, said forgive us our trespasses, He never had any to be forgiven. But I believe He had the posture before His Father to let and even ask Him to examine His heart. Just like David did in Ps. 139:24. When Jesus was hanging on the cross, He said ‘ Father, forgive them... .’ Why cause He had been praying, ‘as we forgive those who trespass against us.’ He had been putting this into practice throughout His life and ministry. And He still says it to us today. He prayed ‘ deliver us from evil.’ And He was when they wanted to throw Him off the cliff but He was able to get away.

God knew what His Son would need, He knows our needs and the Lord’s Prayer encompasses them.

P.S. - Sara Maynard just came and spoke to us about the Lord’s Prayer in depth and most of her teaching will be on our website. She also has a book on it.

- Karlotta, HoPE staff member