Man reading bible

We sometimes hear about leaning into His heart so I want to explore a bit about what it actually means to lean into His heart. He calls us to develop an awareness of, and sensitivity to, His touch and moving within us. From a physical perspective I have developed a skill over the years where I can put my fingers on someone’s shoulder, feel their centre of gravity, and move them around with my fingers in spite of them trying to maintain their balance. It may seem like a neat trick but it works because over time I have cultivated a deep awareness of how my body parts can function as an effective whole, how my fingers are connected to my own centre of gravity and the floor through my body. In the same way, in the place of prayer we are called to develop a deep sensitivity to Jesus' heart so we can respond to whatever intercessory burden He places upon our heart. It is not a matter of simply being faithful in prayer, thought clearly without faithfulness the rest will not happen, it is a matter of seeking to discern His heart and leading as we engage in the place of prayer.

I believe our heart posture as we enter the place of prayer, whether in our prayer closet or on the microphone leading a prayer block at HoPE,  needs to be that of David, 4  Show me Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths. 5  Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day. Psalm 25:4-5 (NKJV)

To be most effective in prayer we need to be in agreement with Jesus heart. His heart as a whole is expressed in scripture, which is why at HoPE we place an emphasis on turning His word into intercession, taking the scriptures He has given and praying them back to Him. There is also His mind for the moment, also well expressed by David when he wrote, 8  When You said, “Seek My face,” My heart said to You, “Your face, LORD, I will seek.” Psalm 27:8 (NKJV)

I believe transformation comes as we learn to lean into and seek His heart at all times during our days. We begin in the private place of prayer and then His presence begins to spill over into all areas of our lives. This will work better in some settings than others. I know over my secular work career I developed the habit of at times quietly praying or listening inside when seeking to make decisions in meetings or difficult situations. At times in work or training I found my heart drawn to quiet intercession for someone in a group not even knowing what issue was happening for them and often never even speaking with them. People who know me well know that I love the outdoors, particularly hiking in the mountains. I am fine hiking with a group but if there is a lot of conversation I tend to start either walking ahead or dropping back because I find my heart drawn to worship and intercession so often I don’t want to talk to people, I want my heart alone with Jesus.

Jesus wants us to do things for Him, that is clear in scripture, but even more, He wants us to learn to love just being with Him – our hearts sensitive and responsive to His touch. Let’s lean in!

Randy Baker - HoPE Board Member