Check out the prayer room

The best way to start is to come and check out the prayer room.

You are more than welcome to come and join us at any time when the prayer room is open.

HoPE Prayer Teams

Another great way to get involved with HoPE is through joining one of our HoPE Prayer Teams!

What exactly is a HoPE Prayer Team? These teams are a way for busy people with a realistic way to participate with what God is doing at HoPE. The majority of us live very busy lives: we have a job or attend school and participate in a local church community, as well as several other commitments.

HoPE Prayer Teams are made up of people who commit to participating in 1 prayer meeting a month to regularly cover the city in prayer and worship. Being part of a HoPE Team involves making a commitment to participate with a team of people at a specific prayer block, on a monthly basis. For example, you might choose to commit to the 3rd Friday night of each month, or the 2nd Thursday morning of each month, or the last Saturday morning of the month. If you would like more information about joining one of the HoPE Prayer Teams, please email us at