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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

HoPE is offering an 10 week intensive called IMMERSE.  This will be designed for those in a life transition such as career change, retirement or for anyone wanting a time of recalibration and a greater sense of direction from the Lord as to how to steward your time.

Immerse will offer extended times of personal/listening prayer, worship, intersession, teaching, discussion and volunteer/serving opportunities.  Our goal is for you to be refreshed and grow in intimacy with Christ as you seek Him for clarity in this next phase of your life.

With guest speakers Todd Atkinson, Sara Maynard, Patricia Bootsma, Rick VanDewark, Randy Baker, Jim Hall & more.

This intensive will be comprised of three main components:


  • Running the race with purpose and vigour
  • Honouring God in all that you do, whatever you do.
  • Understanding how to live a life of worship and prayer in a busy world


  • Learning to rest in and rely on the Holy Spirit
  • Understanding your identity as a child of God.


  • Allowing the Word of God to wash over your life to bring clarity and cleansing
  • Learning to meditate and pray God’s Word over you and your circumstances
  • Growing in understanding as to God’s will for your life

Our desire is to inspire you in your walk with God, for you to grow in intimacy with Him and to gain clarity as to how God desires you to steward this next leg of life’s journey.

IMMERSE will run for 10 weeks, March 6th untill May 10, 2019 Wednesday - Friday from 10AM -3pm.

Cost: $500/Person or $700/Couple  - assistance is available to those who need it
          or $75/week if you only are able to come to a few weeks

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