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Below is a sample of prophetic words we have been able to gather related to the church in Edmonton and area. These are provided for the purposes of prayer and discernment. We are aware that this is representative rather than exhaustive and if there is information you believe should be included please contact us at info@hopedmonton.ca

11  By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted, But it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked. Proverbs 11:11 (NKJV)

Some important thoughts about prophetic words. They are genuinely promises with potential that require a right response. Some things in scripture, like Jesus birth, death and resurrection were inevitable promises that would be fulfilled. The same was true of the prophesised return of Israel to their land by Jeremiah, he even said it would take 70 years (Jer. 29:10). Yet when Daniel read the promise of return he responded by turning to intercession – bringing it before the Lord to see it realized (Dan. 9:1-19). Many however were conditional.

An important aspect of prophetic words in the New Testament is that they have three components - Revelation, Interpretation and Application. We receive something, we seek to interpret the meaning and then discern the application. Key in the discernment process is the corporate nature of the body of Christ. 

26  How is it then, brethren? Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification. 1 Corinthians 14:26 (NKJV)  

There is a general sense by some that Edmonton is a city where He wants His glory to dwell. This would make it a place where people could come to be refreshed and then go out. Just as it was first established as a Fort it is called to be a Fort for Jesus where people can be sent out for ministry but also come back to recover before going out again. Edmonton has long been known as the ‘Gateway to the North’ and a friend recently (June 1, 2020) said in prayer the Lord emphasized ‘Edmonton is KEY, it is the Gateway to the North.’

So we offer these words for your prayer and discernment.

Sara Maynard - Redleaf Prayer Ministries May 21, 2020

This prophetic word came from our former house of prayer, where up to 40 meetings a week of dedicated prayer for revival and harvest was hosted for 12 years. In one these extended times of prayer, the Lord spoke and this word has been weighed and confirmed over the last year. 

He is saying that there is a third wave of intercession coming to the Church.

In our generation, we have been blessed with two waves already: 

1) The Wave of Prophetic Prayer - This wave came in the 80s with the dynamic of the prophetic activating and empowering our prayer. Leaders such as Cindy Jacobs and Dutch Sheets were some of the key voices in this movement and it radically changed the nature of our intercession from one of just asking to interacting with the Spirit and responding to the voice of God.

2) The Wave of Intimacy - This wave also empowered prayer in a new way as the Lord used the Toronto Blessing to draw intercession into a new place of intimacy with God. With this foundation, the House of Prayer movement brought intercession and worship into a new union and harp and bowl prayer enabled extended hours of refreshing intercession as we gazed on Jesus. 

But now a third wave is beginning! 

3) The Third Wave - Intercession for the Lost - This wave will be as broad and transformational as the two previous waves, building on what has come before, but stepping into the revelation of the love of God for the lost around us. It will carry a new intensity, but not striving in the flesh, it will be filled with great earnestness but not become heavy in a soulish way, rather leading to unprecedented joy. The level of faith will be extraordinary.

​There is a grace right now that is beginning to flow, a grace to be carried by the Spirit into the seeking and saving prayers of Jesus in a way this generation has not yet known. 

Lean into prayer for the harvest to be a part of what God is beginning to release in this hour! Join in your church's prayer times with new faith that if God is releasing great grace to pray for the harvest, it's because He intends to answer these prayers! 

Sara Maynard - Redleaf Prayer Ministries 2020

My sense is that Edmonton has been given a grace for unity (Edmonton is not the only place), but has been well stewarded in the city. It’s been costly and has led the Church in Edmonton into authentic humility and maturity. 

I continue to feel that the Church in Alberta has a unique opportunity to walk in significant spiritual authority in the nation. It won’t come by longer and louder prayer though, it will come from the continual walking out of forgiveness towards the federal government and the rest of the nation. I think the Church in Edmonton could take provincial leadership in this.  

Patricia King - March 16, 2002 Greater Edmonton Women’s Aglow Retreat

I was asking [the Lord] specifically about Edmonton, and I have been seeing for two days now a vision of Edmonton like a military post. It’s like a pillar post, and its right here in this area and tonight as we were worshipping. I actually saw that like a portal of glory coming down upon this, and then I started seeing coming out of the military post armies of soldiers. And then I saw them get up on the horses with Jesus and follow Jesus and I believe there is a mandate – one of the mandates – on this area is for the people of God to become the warriors of God, and to be called as a military post in the Spirit to contend for the victory of the Lord and to be protectors for this region. And I saw that on the top of this military post, there was almost like a lighthouse and it was turning around with light going out into all the regions around you. And the Lord wants to use the Edmonton region to have significant impact on all the areas around you, to the north, the south, the east and the west where there will be a releasing of the light and the glory of God but it’s going to come through a warrior posture. A warrior posture: standing and saying, “Jesus, You are the King of Glory, the Lord mighty in battle, the Lord of Hosts.” 

He’s the Captain of the armies of heaven, and I believe that God wants to release into this region a revelation of Psalm 24, and I believe that Psalm 24 is going to be a significant scripture for Edmonton. That is, all the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, all it contains and all that dwell therein. It says, 7  Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. 8  Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, The LORD mighty in battle. Psalm 24:7-8 (NKJV)

And there’s something so significant about that scripture for this particular region. And I prophesy it out right now that the city of Edmonton and the region around this area will become as a military post that will honour the King of Glory, and that will be used to release the light and the glory of the gospel like a lighthouse going around into all the regions around it and will stand as a protector in the nation of the plans and the purposes of God.

I also felt very strongly that you need to contend in your prayers for a spirit of unity, because the Lord showed me that the strength of an army is in its unity, and in its placement before the Commander-in-Chief. And I began to see in the Spirit that there are some things out of place in this region as far as unity goes, and especially amongst the leaders that it would be good to pray the leaders into a posture of unity before the King of glory, the Lord mighty in battle. And as that starts to come together – I believe it’s already started – but God wants to accelerate that work of unity and strengthen that work of unity so that everyone stands in their posts. No pushing, no shoving, no contending for name or place or anything like that, but all together in one place, all together on the same ground, at the foot of the cross in humility and in servanthood for the purposes of God.

And that will create a warrior spirit. That will create the presentation of a warrior King, the King of Glory. And I believe that the Lord wants to use Edmonton and this region to manifest the very Presence of the King of Glory Himself, the Lord mighty in battle.

And so get ready because there’s going to be battle array, and battle garments coming on you, and the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, will become sharper and sharper as the days go on if you will birth the plan and the purpose of God in this area.

And so just continue to pray into this area of unity. It’s very important. You know, when God was describing in Joel an army in the end days that was actually going to bring judgment, and I believe that God is raising up a people in this land that is going to proclaim the judgments of God against the enemy.  Not against people, against the enemy, because when we win a battle in the Spirit, then we get the spoil which is the souls. And we’re going to take them all. We’re going to make it very, very difficult for anyone to go to hell. And so we need to contend in this hour for that place.

But when God described the army in Joel that was going to bring forth His judgments, He described a ferocious army. But one of the things about them was that they were all in their place, each in their rank. No one was pushing or shoving each other. They all knew their placement. And you know we have to appreciate each other, know each other after the Spirit, and humble ourselves before the mighty hand of God, so that in that humility we can see the strength and the majesty and the authority of Jesus go out in to the land and settle issues.

Where the enemy has raised havoc, we will see those issues settled, and we will take in the spoil. But we have to take our proper place in humility.

Humility will take the enemy out. And I believe that garment of humility – you know the prophetic colour for humility is brown. The prophetic colour of the cross is brown. And you know, a lot of times we want the glittery cloaks; we want the gold or silver shimmering cloaks. But the Lord says He wants to clothe us in brown cloaks, cloaks of humility, and mantles of humility. And humility is one of the strongest forces that comes from the nature of God.

Jesus humbled Himself. He not only left His position as God to take the form of a man, but He humbled Himself to the point of death on the cross. He became obedient to that point but humbled Himself to take a most shameful death, to lay His life down in that way, totally laying Himself down, totally spilling Himself out. And you know, the enemy thought he had Him…. But Jesus rose up, the Conqueror of all.

No one has humbled himself as much as Jesus humbled Himself before all men, and no-one carries the level of authority that Jesus carries. In all the heavens and in all the earth, He has the highest level of authority of all, because He humbled Himself. And if we will humble ourselves then Jesus’ name will be exalted and His authority in our regions will be exalted. And so pray especially for leaders because I perceive – I don’t know this area at all really as far as what’s actually what’s going on in the natural, but in the Spirit I’m picking up some things: that God is beginning to draw leaders together and there’s fellowship and communion and community starting to form. And so, keep that covered in prayer because it needs to be strengthened and all the disjointedness needs to come into alignment. 

Following this word Patricia then went on to describe an experience with “the lightning of God.”

Natural lightning puts ionic particles in the air into order, which freshens the air after a storm. Lightning also changes the molecular structure of the soil, which helps seeds grow faster. It might be a good thing to call on the lightning of God for this particular region because it will bring into order those things in the Spirit that are out of order. It will also cause the seed that is in the soil to grow faster. The other thing about lightning is that it always strikes the highest point that’s standing above the other points.  So, there might be something in that for bringing down the pride of man in this region. And there could be a lot of different areas that rises up from – maybe out of government, maybe out of economy, whatever. Pride is in all of us. We don’t have to look very far to find it. Just look into your own heart and you’ll find some. But the lightning of God will take it out. What’s that going to look like? Are there going to be flashes all over the place? I wouldn’t say that, but there’s an impact in the Spirit that comes from the hand of God when you start praying for the lightning of God to start shifting things in the spiritual atmosphere in a place. So, I believe that the Lord might have something for you in this region.   

Note: This was at a time when Canada’s armed forces had been deployed to Afghanistan from Edmonton.  They had been issued green uniforms, but discovered in Afghanistan that green made them very visible; the colour they needed was brown (humility) in order to be camouflaged in that barren environment.  The newspapers reported that the Canadian soldiers modified their own uniforms. 

Rick Joyner - Regarding Alberta’s Destiny, A Word for Calgary and Edmonton MorningStar Journal 1991
I combine Calgary and Edmonton in this word because their purpose is linked in the spirit.  It has been the enemy’s strategy to breed competition and enmity between these cities because it is God’s purpose to unify them. His people in both cities will begin to form relationships and an interchange that will become such a bright light that they will be called “the Northern Lights.” The oil will come from Edmonton but the fire from Calgary (it is no accident that their hockey teams are the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames.)  The church in Calgary will light the fires but the church in Edmonton will keep them going. 
There is also an event coming in the natural that will be a witness to coming spiritual events. There will be a major oil discovery made by a “wildcat” exploration project.  Just as wildcat oilmen drill in places that no one has looked before, the church in Alberta is about to discover an anointing in an area that has not been searched in before (by the church in Alberta). 

Just as wildcatters are usually “independents” such will be the nature of those who make the coming significant spiritual “discovery”.  There are also other parallels in the oil industry that you would do well to pay heed to.  Historically the biggest oil reserves have been found by wildcatters, but they often end up in bankruptcy because they don’t have the administrative abilities to run the business built on their discoveries.  Spiritual “wildcatters” also will be important in directing you to the anointing, but don’t follow their ways after they find it. 
Spiritual independents who are prone to look for new things are usually the first to find what the Lord is about to do, but seldom do they have the wisdom or discipline to properly administrate the new moves of the spirit.  If the proper administration is not brought in a new move, before it has gravitated to an extreme, the desperation of impending disaster will open the door for those with a “control spirit” to take over and kill the movement through domination.
For what is coming to this region, Calgary will have the fire but Edmonton will have most of the resources - they need each other to accomplish their calling.  Just as Barnabas had to go get Saul of Tarsus before he could be released in his own apostolic ministry, the churches in Calgary and Edmonton must reach out to each other.  If the church in Calgary will now spend more time praying for the church in Edmonton than they do for themselves, their light will shine brighter.  If the church in Edmonton will now spend more time praying for the church in Calgary than they do for themselves, their anointing will increase.

David Damien – 1990’s

  • Edmonton is a birthing city

Dennis Wiedrick – 1990’s

  • The name of the angel of this city is Abundance.
  • Edmonton is a supply city. Similar to the Klondike era. People came from miles away to be replenished with supplies and then would go back to their communities.

Rick VanDewark – 1980’s to Present

  • I’ve always felt Edmonton was an ‘altar of incense, a city of prayer.’
  • THE SONG AND THE NATIONAL ANTHEM: I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit as I was praying and singing in the spirit with a group of people. During that time the lord took me on an aerial fly over of the province. It was exhilarating and left me pondering what the experience meant. That afternoon we went back into prayer and again I started singing in the spirit and again I was experiencing a similar “fly over” of the province. I asked the Lord “What is this?” He said this is the song of Alberta. Every province, every city has a sound and a song. The song captures the sound. Every province has this.  When each province discovers its song and sound and when they unite together it becomes my true national anthem.
  • Some of this thought was shaped by two encounters I had in 1984 & 1985. In 1984 I had a vision of the city church in prayer at the Kinsmen Fieldhouse. All of us praying through parts of the Lord’s Prayer. The next year, 1985, I had a vision of the whole city as one singing songs to the Lord.     My personal vision: Edmonton encountering the glory of the Lord. An aromatic city where the church is an altar of incense, a house of prayer for all nations.