What is House of Prayer Edmonton?

House of Prayer Edmonton (HoPE) exists to see a continual expression of prayer and worship over the Edmonton region. So no, we’re not a church but a parachurch ministry seeking to be a catalyst in bringing churches together until one day there is continual day and night worship and prayer in the Capital Region.

What are your prayer meetings like?

We practice the model called ‘Harp and Bowl.’ The expression comes from Revelation 5:8 where we see angels with a harp in one hand and bowl full of the prayers of the saints in the other. Basically, it means we combine our worship with intercession and our intercession with worship. You kind of just have, to come and see it for yourself. Not your thing? We know that not everyone engages well with the Harp and Bowl model so you can come to the Canopy Prayer Room. See below.

What is the Canopy Prayer Room?

Glad you asked. The Canopy Prayer Room (CPR) is a new prayer room that House of Prayer Edmonton is establishing in our city. We’ll still have daily times of prayer in our larger Sanctuary Prayer room but in the CPR it will be groups of 2-5 people praying together. Think large church-wide prayer meeting vs small group prayer meeting. It results in the CPR being a much more intimate feel while at the same time allowing us to greatly expand our daily hours of prayer.  

How can I get involved?

First, just come by sometime and check it out. Our prayer rooms are open to the public so you are welcome to drop in at any point. But don’t stop there! If this is something you feel drawn to the primary thing limiting the number of hours it’s open is a lack of volunteers like you. So after you have tried it a couple times contact us at teams@hopedmonton.ca or talk to one of the staff. We would love to sign you up as an intercessor for a weekly one-hour prayer block.

How is HoPE supported?

Through people like you! No, really. We are not officially affiliated with any one church or denomination (but we’re friends with many). All of our support comes from individuals or churches who have decided to partner with HoPE in seeing a day and night expression of prayer in Edmonton. If HoPE is something you would like to support you can do so here or contact us at partner@hopedmonton.ca and we’ll happily work with you.

How are staff supported?
All of our staff (we call them ‘Intercessory Missionaries’) raise their own support teams. We work with them and train them, and then they go out and find individuals who can support them financially. All the finances flow through HoPE and are overseen by our bookkeeper and board.